Schwedische Piraten schließen sich im Europäischen Parlament den Grünen an

25. Juni 2009

“Friends and collegues,

a few minutes ago a press conference in Stockholm began, where we disclose for the Swedish press and bloggosphere that we will join the green group in European parliament, that is to say Greens/EFA. This is the group that the Swedish Environmental Pary is a part of, but without as clear a right/left-profile as the Swedish Environmental Party. We have received interesting offers from four groups, such as the liberal group ALDE and leftist group GUE/NGL amongst others, but the deciding factor was that the green group has come the farthest in its work with information policy perspectives.

As such, we judge that we have the strongest possibility to reach results for our policies through the green group, and Christian Engström will take his seat there when parliament opens on June 14.

With this newsletter I want to tell this to all our members before the press reports on it.

We did this together, friends. We have written history.

Translation: Nicholas

Greens/EFA group welcome Swedish Pirate Party member

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